PPS Daily Dose Wk 41



Surround me with Your protection.  Cover me with Your Love.  With all that occurs in this world today let me seek You first.  Not the news, not social media, not fear, but instead let me look to You, my Rock and my Defense.  Lord I love You. Cleanse me; make me new.  Forgive me of my sins and let me be a reflection of You—holy, upright, kingdom minded. Heal the hurting and the sick, heal the wounded and the fearful. Heal us as we come to You first. You are amazing God! Thank You for the ability to read, learn, and teach Your Word.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Sunday: 2 Kings 8, Ezekiel 43, John 15:18-27, Hebrews 13:7-17

Monday: 2 Kings 9, Ezekiel 44, John 16:1-4, Hebrews 13: 18-25

Tuesday: 2 Kings 10, Ezekiel 45, John 16:5-15, James 1:1-11

Wednesday: 2 Kings 11, Ezekiel 46, John 16:16-24, James 1:12-20

Thursday: 2 Kings 12, Ezekiel 47, John 16:25-33, James 1:21-27

Friday: 2 Kings 13, Ezekiel 48, John 17:1-5, James 2:1-13

Saturday: 2 Kings 14, Daniel 1, John 17:6-19, James 2:14-26