Prayer, Praise, & Studying
What is Prayer, Praise, & Study
Carve out time in your day to spend with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Pray, sing a song of worship and study the Bible plan we have listed here.  What you’re searching for, listening for, counting on, can be found in time spent with the Lord.  A daily dose PPS devotional can also be downloaded from our app–available on Google Play and Apple App store.

Are you up for a challenge?
Every new year, resolutions are exchanged and declared among friends, family, co-workers.  Most of these resolutions fizzle after three months.  What if you were up for the challenge of making a life-long commitment, starting this year.  How would you like for this year to be the year that you grow closer and deeper in your relationship with God?  How would you like to pray like you’ve never prayed before, sing praises like never before, and study God’s word like its the first time? Our Father, our Savior consistently calls to us come closer and with the everyday hassles and ever growing to-do-lists, it gets more difficult to hear Him calling.  Join us in our challenge to come sit at the the feet of Jesus during a daily devotional.  You don’t have to leave your home, your room, or your office.