The History of Second Missionary Baptist Church 
Second Missionary Baptist Church has a rich and varied history common to the locals who grew up in  Cumberland County and the surrounding areas.  Founded in the Spring of 1886, Reverend Henry Adams sought to build a Baptist Church in the Old Wilmington Road Area.  With the help and assistance of local deacons, worship service began in the Old Holcomb House on Highway 87 South.  
On September 24, 2002, we began building our new sanctuary and it was dedicated less than a year later.  For more in-depth history of Second Missionary Baptist Church, contact the church clerk or Cumberland County Public Library Headquarters.
Former pastors who served  at Second Missionary Baptist Church:  
Rev. Henry Adams (term dates)
Rev. T.B. Watkins (term dates)
Rev. Morrisey (term dates)
Rev. C.K. Boyd (term dates)
Rev. Rhone (term dates)
Rev. Duncan Devane (term dates)
Rev. Foster Melvin (term dates)
Rev. Hawkins (term dates)
Rev. Charles E. Perry ( 1933 -1965) 
Rev. K.S. David (1965-1967)
 Rev. Willie  E. Beamon (term dates)  
Rev. Dr. I.E. Swann (1986-2019)
Rev. Ted Smith , Sr.(Interim 2019-2021) 
Rev. Larry Simmons (Interim 2021)
Rev. Gregory Davis (2021-present)
Second Missionary Baptist Church 
Current Sanctuary